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"Cornhole tournament benefiting mental health and awareness. Proceeds donated to Bryn Mawr Hospital Mental Health and Behavioral Department.”


We Offer apprenticeships 

The position is filled at the moment. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I show my barber a picture of the haircut I’d like?

  “Yes please, Our barbers  appreciate a picture if you can not describe a haircut.”


Do we offer credit card or Apple Pay for payment?

  “Yes we take cash and credit.”


Does the barbershop offer kids haircuts?

  “Yes, at any age the child can sit alone or with a parent”

Do we take walk-ins?

  “We offer appointments  tues-saturday. Appointments are booked as a first come first serve basis.   We highly       suggest you make an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate those walking in if time allows."

Do we offer neck line ups in between cuts?

  “Yes, please call or walk in. ($5) maybe do te $5 in a logo emoji small stamp."


How long has the barbershop be in service

  “June 2015 - Manayunk, Pa we opened our doors.”

Where have our barbers trained?

  1. Apprenticeship  Via Make Your Mark 

  2. Barber School 

  3. Cosmetology School


Does the barbershop have parking

  “Please see tab “Parking” for a better understanding”


Do barbers offer recurring appointments?

  “Yes! We offer  standing appointment with your favorite barber."


You Decide:

1. Day of the week

2. Time of day

3. How many weeks out

  Creating a recurring event will be the last time you need to make an appointment


What type of haircuts do we offer?

  “We are trained on all hair textures and styles  12 inches or shorter. You can discuss hairstyle options  with your barber during the consultation.”


Do you cut beards?

  “Yes, beards are one of our specialities.”

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